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OEM Customize
Spring Cable
Cable Assembly
Safety Approval Mark
OEM Custom service is the main business. Customers bring the sample or specification with specified requirement. Here our R&D team staff are able to make the idea to be the perfect product.
Spring Cable, also known as curly cable, is the most featured product. Its remarkable advantage is as following: excellent retractable force, high purity copper conductors, environmental eco-friendly.
Besides extruded cable and wire, Cable Assemblies are supplied. To satisfy customers with value-added products and service is persistent pursuit. Wiring harness, connector mounting, strain relief injection, all these fall into the range.
Varieties of approval marking are available, such as UL, CUL,  CSA, VDE, CCC. Please consult the customer service staff to re-confirm whether the products in demand are granted with the desired approval standard before applying the marking.

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Baisha Customize Cable Wire Factory is a leading manufacturer & supplier of cable & wire in China. It was built up since 1997, and is dedicated to manufacture & supply of the best quality products. Its products are widely applied among the major industries such as government, military, automotive, aerospace, telecommunication, and electronic appliances. All cable & wire, manufactured by Baisha Customize Cable Wire Factory, use (only) very high purity copper wires as conductors. And, all delivered finished goods of cable & wire is guaranteed 100% RoHS compliant. [ About Us ]